Programme Philosophy and Objectives.

Agriculture is a key sector of the Nigerian economy. It is responsible for the production of food and fibre for the rapidly growing population, and raw materials for industries. Modern agriculture is becoming extremely complex and technology driven, and thus requires the application of scientific principles to be able to produce the right quantity and quality of food and fibre. Consequently, graduates adequately trained and educated in the sciences of agriculture are required to provide the necessary leadership in agricultural production, research, extension, product utilisation and natural resources management.

The Faculty of Agriculture emphasises a multi-disciplinary approach in the education and training of students with a view to equipping them with the essential skills necessary to deal with the complexity of modern agriculture and natural resources management. At all times, the Faculty of Agriculture offers the best quality education and training to students to enable them use knowledge of basic sciences to frontiers of knowledge of agriculture and natural resources management through effective teaching, research and publication of the highest quality, and to promote sustainable agricultural development and environmental quality.