Candidates seeking admission to the Degree of Master of Science (Soil Science) should normally possess a First or Second Class Degree in Agriculture (or Agricultural Science). Candidates with First or Second Class Degrees in other Biological or Physical Sciences may also be considered. Candidates with 3rd Class degree in Agriculture or the Physical Sciences may be offered admission provided they have spent a minimum of five years after graduation. However, if admitted such students will be required to satisfactorily complete prescribed remedial courses. Candidates with PGD in Agriculture or related field may also be offered admission. Candidates with other relevant qualifications and experience which are considered as equivalent to the above by the Department, the Faculty Board, and the Senate, may also be considered for admission. Candidates shall also be required to fulfil other Faculty and University requirements and regulations relating to M.Sc. and Ph.D. admission.

A candidate seeking admission to a Ph.D. programme in Soil Science should normally possess a good Master’s Degree in the relevant area of Agricultural Science or a related discipline from a recognised University. A M.Sc. Degree earned through course-work and research is normally preferred. Ph.D. students may be required to take prescribed remedial courses where this is considered necessary. Satisfactory performance at such courses is essential. Candidates with other relevant qualifications which are deemed equivalent to the above by the Department, the Faculty Board and the Senate may also be considered.

In exceptional cases, a M.Sc. registration may be upgraded to that of Ph.D. In such a case, a comprehensive progress report is required within about 18 months from the date of first registration. The report shall be evaluated by the Supervisory Committee of the student and if endorsed, shall be passed to the Senate through the Faculty Board and the Post-graduate School, accompanied by the recommendation for the change.